Kingdom Calendar

The Kingdom Calendar of Events is the Kingdom of Calontir’s listing of official SCA events where all forms of official SCA business may be conducted. The Kingdom Reeve maintains the calendar and submits it for publication in the Mews, Calontir’s Kingdom newsletter, and online. The calendar that is published in the Mews is the official copy of the Kingdom Calendar of Events. Any discrepancies between the electronic version of any information on this site and the version published in the Mews will be decided in favor of the published version in the Mews.

To add an event to the Kingdom Calendar and have it posted online the following guidelines must be met:

Read the Guidelines for Scheduling an Official SCA Event (PDF). Send the Event details to the Kingdom Reeve via the Kingdom Calendar Event Request Submission Form. Please note: For an event to be approved, the group must be in good standing with the Kingdom.

A complete event announcement must be published in The Mews prior to the event. Visit How To Submit a Flyer to the MEWS for more information. Please note: The Mews cannot print an event announcement for an event that has not been approved by the Reeve.

IMPORTANT – Please do not forget this step.

Send your event announcement and/or event website link to the Kingdom Webminister via the Add an Event Link or File to the Kingdom Calendar Form. Once your date is confirmed and your flyer has been approved by your group seneschal, get it online!

Please note: The Kingdom Webminister cannot link to your event flyer or web page if your event date has not been approved by the Kingdom Reeve. See Step 1.

Calontir Crown Tournament & Coronation Bid System –

For your edification, this page includes a list of the Crown and Coronation Kingdom events that are “available” for bids for the next few years. Check here to see if a bid has been received by the Kingdom Reeve or if a bid has been accepted.

Event dates more than six months in the future may be tentative and subject to change.


To change the calendar from Calendar View to Agenda View – Select the button in the top right hand corner of the calendar (Month), or the agenda (Agenda) and choose the other option! 

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Pennsic War
Pennsic War
Jul 26 – Aug 11 all-day
Pennsic War @ Cooper's Lake | Slippery Rock | Pennsylvania | United States
Kingdom of Aethelmarc Pennsic War Pre-registration Pennsic War Muster  
Deadline for the Mews
Deadline for the Mews
Aug 1 all-day
Deadline for the following month’s Mews Newsletter submissions!
Regional Marshal Event
Regional Marshal Event
Aug 17 all-day
Crystal Mynes Jawhar (Neal Tapp) Event Flyer
St. Augustine’s Un-Faire – An SCA NON-EVENT
St. Augustine’s Un-Faire – An SCA NON-EVENT
Aug 17 all-day
Heraldshill Due to a destructive cyclone at our event site, St. Augustine’s Faire is POSTPONED until next year. Instead, we’re going to have an Un-Faire un-event August 17th and play with messy A&S projects at …
Cattle Raids
Cattle Raids
Aug 24 all-day
Cattle Raids @ Cass County Fairgrounds | Weeping Water | Nebraska | United States
Mag Mor Seneschal – Leofwyna le’May Event Flyer Eo Fyrd and Eo Hirth Meetings  
Valor – Rescheduled for Labor Day Weekend
Valor – Rescheduled for Labor Day Weekend
Aug 30 – Sep 2 all-day
Valor - Rescheduled for Labor Day Weekend @ Whispering Winds Camp, 9601 W. 73rd ST N., Valley Center, Ks. 67147 | Wichita | Kansas | United States
Vatavia Seneschal – Catlin Marie du Moretaine E-Pay Pre-Registration Rescheduled for Labor Day due to Weather and Site Conditions!!! 
Known World Agriculture & Forestry Symposium
Known World Agriculture & Forestry Symposium
Aug 31 – Sep 2 all-day
Kingdom of Atlantia
Known World Bardic Congress and Cook
Known World Bardic Congress and Cook
Aug 31 – Sep 2 all-day
Kingdom of MidRealm