Scribal Gallery

Scribal Gallery

Slideshow Navigation Tips & Shortcuts

Please click on a thumbnail below to initiate the slideshow and view the larger image. The slideshow is displayed inline with this page so you should not experience any popup windows or page refreshes.

You can scroll through the photos in the slideshow by clicking on the “next” and “previous” buttons found on each side of the image. Keyboard navigation is also available. Please use the “” and “” arrow keys to load the previous and next images in the slideshow.

To view the full-size version of an image please click on the “full screen” button found in the upper right corner of the image.

To close the slideshow please click the “X” button in the lower right corner below the image. Alternatively, a simple mouse click anywhere outside the slideshow area will close the slideshow. Keyboard users may use the “Esc” key to close the overlay while viewing the large size of an image.


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