The Kingdom of Calontir is a regional group within the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), an international organization dedicated to recreating aspects of the Middle Ages. If you are unfamiliar with the SCA, we would suggest starting with the newcomers section.

The region that makes up Calontir covers most of Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and a touch of Arkansas. If you are interested in contacting the SCA within this area, take a look at the Groups and Branches list or the Calontir Map. Join us as we learn about history by making it come alive. Follow us on Facebook, or you can contact us at info@calontir.org.

Xerxis & Belanna

Their Royal Majesties

Their Royal Majesties Xerxis and Belanna



Lady Idonea de Clare & Lord Andromir Vukovic

Chamberlain Email:


Elevation Announcements

Who, When, and Where

Honorable Lady Anna Plantyn was announced at Coronation to be elevated to the Order of the Laurel. Vigil and Elevation is scheduled for Toys for Tots.

To ensure that Upcoming Elevation Announcements are updated in a timely manner, the Kingdom Webminister requests that Sponsoring Peers contact him as details are finalized.

News & Announcements

What’s new in Calontir

Society Cut & Thrust Rules Update

Greetings from Sir Duncan Mac Torquill, Kingdom Rapier Marshall for the Kingdom of Calontir.

As most of you know the Society Rapier Marshall has published some updates to the cut and thrust rules. The rule changes include additional requirements for hand protection and will affect all of us. The rules are set to go into affect July 27, 2018 so they will be applied at Pennsic but will not be applied at this upcoming Lilies War. That being said, I encourage you to get together the equipment you plan to use to meet the new requirements so we can discuss what will work at Lilies.

For more details and clarifications, check out the Calontir Cut & Thrust page.

In Service,