The Kingdom of Calontir is a regional group within the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), an international organization dedicated to recreating aspects of the Middle Ages. If you are unfamiliar with the SCA, we would suggest starting with the newcomers section.

The region that makes up Calontir covers most of Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and a touch of Arkansas. If you are interested in contacting the SCA within this area, take a look at the Groups and Branches list or the Calontir Map. Join us as we learn about history by making it come alive. Follow us on Facebook, or you can contact us at info@calontir.org.

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News & Announcements

What’s new in Calontir

Kingdom Seneschal Position


Unto the hard working populace of the Kingdom of Calontir, greetings and well met!

It hardly seems possible, but my time as Kingdom Seneschal grows short.  While I will be stepping down in November, I would like to begin securing a successor to the office, so that we can work together to ensure a smooth and safe transition.  To that end, Their Majesties and I will accept letters of application until June 1.  Candidates should be organized, able to report timely, have good listening and problem solving skills, and be a good communicator.  Please include in your letter of interest why you would like to be seneschal, what skills you feel make you a good candidate, your experiences within the SCA and the modern world that relate, and provide your membership information.  If you are interested but not sure what the job entails, don't hesitate to reach out and I'll be happy to provide more information.  Thank you for considering serving your kingdom!

In service,
Duchess Aislinn Morcroft
April 27th, 2016

Kingdom Webminister Position

Greetings Calontir!

For nearly two years, I have served as your Kingdom Webminister. This position has brought me great joy and a wonderful way to serve this incredible Kingdom! Sadly, my time as Kingdom Webminister is coming to an end and Their Royal Highnesses and I would like to announce that we are now receiving Letters of Intent for the position. The ideal Kingdom Webminister has HTML experience, a complete web development lab in the home, and experience dealing with Internet Service Providers / hosting companies.

None of us are perfect, but there are some minimum requirements:

·         Experience with writing or editing content

·         Willingness to make a significant time commitment

·         Balance and judgment in matters political

·         Reliable email/Internet access

·         A working telephone

·         Regular contact with Kingdom activities

Please include the following in your Letter of Intent:

·         Your full name, both modern and SCA.

·         Why you would like to be the Kingdom Webminister and your qualifications.

·         Any ideas for change and improvement of the Kingdom Website, etc.

·         Any managerial experience, SCA related or modern.

Please send letters of intent to Their Royal Highnesses at falcon-heirs@calontir.org and myself at Webminister@calontir.org. Letters of intent should be received by June 8th, 2016. Please see the Webminister’s page for more information – Webminister.calontir.org

In joyful service,

Lady Allison of Forgotten Sea

Kingdom of Calontir Webminister

April 24th, 2016

Kingdom Arts & Sciences Champion

The 2016 Kingdom Arts & Sciences Champion is Honorable Lady Jaida de Leon!

April 13th, 2016

CalonCon Bids

Bids are being requested for this year's CalonCon for July 16-17, 2016.  Please send bids to Duchess Aislinn at seneschal@calontir.org and Reeve@calontir.org by May 1st, 2016.

Bids should be submitted using this form: Event Bid Submission Form

Updated March 27th, 2016

Elevation Announcements

Who, When, and Where

Countess Catalina de Arazuri was announced at Chieftans to be elevated to the Order of the Laurel. Vigil and elevation are to be held at the Tournament of Horse and Falcons.

Honorable Lord Hildibrandr Tjúguskegg was announced at Gulf Wars to be elevated to the Order of the Chivalry. Vigil and elevation are to be held at Lilies War.

Honorable Lady Nesscia inghean Chearnaigh was announced at Gulf Wars to be elevated to the Order of the Pelican. Vigil and elevation are to be held at the Tournament of Horse and Falcons.

Honorable Lord ValdrickR inn Danski was announced at Crown Tournament to be elevated to the Order of the Chivalry. Vigil and elevation are to be held at the Tournament of Horse & Facons.

Baron Isengrim Sleggja was announced at Kingdom Arts & Sciences to be elevated to the Order of the Laurel.  Vigil and Elevation are to be held at Lilies War.



Heraldic badge for the Royal University of Scir-Hafoc


Royal University of Scir-Hafoc

R.U.S.H. is a chartered group within Calontir dedicated to teaching various aspects of medieval history and our society to our own members.

Lilies 25 logo

Lilies 30

The War of the Lilies is an annual event held in the center of the Kingdom of Calontir in June. It has been said that Lilies is so much like a vacation, you may forget it is a war, and it is our hope to continue that tradition.