The Kingdom of Calontir is a regional group within the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), an international organization dedicated to recreating aspects of the Middle Ages. If you are unfamiliar with the SCA, we would suggest starting with the newcomers section.

The region that makes up Calontir covers most of Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and a touch of Arkansas. If you are interested in contacting the SCA within this area, take a look at the Groups and Branches list or theCalontir Map. Join us as we learn about history by making it come alive. Follow us on Facebook, or you can contact us at info@calontir.org.

Agamemnon & Gwen

Their Royal Majesties

TRM Agamemnon & GwenCopyright © 2013 Verla Herschell
(Mistress Rhianydd Arbeth)


Phaedra Filia Roberti



Anton & Isabeau

Their Royal Highnesses

Copyright © 2013 Verla Herschell
(Mistress Rhianydd Arbeth)


Issabell St Charles



Fight for the Calon Queen

Diamond Wars

Why do we strap our armor and why do we take the field?
Why do we fight in foreign lands and why do we never yield?

If you would fight for the heart of Calontir, whose beauty can be seen,
If you would fight for the one called Gwen, if you would fight for the Calon Queen,
Then join her at Diamond Wars October 16-19 in Viola, Arkansas.


Pennsic was not enough for her fierce heart. She wishes for more war, and hopes that a strong Calon host will join her there. She cares not if you fight with rattan or steel, shoot arrows or bolts, throw axes or knives, carry water or Gatorade, or simply sing and laugh, she hopes that you can join her on another campaign.

The falcon Queen leads you to the south. Will you follow?

Calontir Diamond Wars Muster

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